Bad August 2008 file

The August 2008 SF file released to Google Code was corrupted, so anyone who downloaded this file only got 90k projects. Please download the new file here. It is called "Datamarts: SF Other, Aug 2008, New, v.1"

Direct DB access for FLOSSmole collection available

Hello moles,

I'm excited to give you all a heads up that the entire flossmole database is now available directly via a MySQL server.

We have transferred the database to the NSF TeraGrid Data Central hosting site [1] (based at the San Diego Supercomputing centre). It's a bigger machine and professionally administered, which was much better than we could offer ourselves. See below for access procedure.

The process of transferring the database also enabled us to prepare comprehensive datamarts for each datasource in the database. These are mysqldump files which can be used for local access to parts of the database; there are two for each datasource, one containing the raw html pages and one, substantially smaller, containing just the parsed data points. These will be available shortly and will be an option for those who want to install a local copy of the DB; although we'd be very interested in reasons people find to do that, we'd like to have people sharing useful transformations of the data and the Data Central database should be pretty quick.

So now we have three great options for accessing the FLOSSmole data:

1. The traditional monthly flat files
2. Direct MySQL access to the full database @ DC.
3. Comprehensive datamarts for local access

Database access further info

Direct DB access for FLOSSmole collection available

UPDATE: The new procedure for requesting a username/password for direct DB access (as of January 2013) is as follows:

In order to demonstrate usage to granting agencies and to monitor run-away queries (it happens!) interested users need to contact the FLOSSmole project via the ossmole-discuss mailing list to request a personal username and password, which should not be shared.

Other than that simple request, we're not introducing any new AUPs or conditions.

Initially, requesters should join the ossmole-discuss list and send a message requesting database access and a preferred username. Turnaround should be no longer than a business day or two.

Once we receive your request, we will generate your account and provide access to all the data we have in our MySQL database! Easy.

August data released

Hello moles!

Lots of exciting news this month:

1. All releases are up on Google Code instead of SF this month. Go to the FLOSSmole downloads page on Google Code to pick up this month's files.

2. Sourceforge stats server is down, so no stats this month.

3. Debian is back! The data is minimal, but check out what we do have and enjoy that.

4. I've updated the Google Code FLOSSMole wiki also, so if you're looking for basic how-to or documentation, check there first.

5. coming soon: Free Software Foundation (re-released!), Eclipse (ask and ye shall receive)


Update: the SF file was corrupted, so anyone who downloaded this file only got 90k projects. Please download the new file here. It is called "Datamarts: SF Other, Aug 2008, New, v.1"

OSS Watch in Oxford

I am at Oxford in the UK (staying at Hertford College Graduate Center) for a few days for the OSS Watch workshop on Profiling Open Source Communities.

OSS Watch is the National Advisory Service on open source for UK Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). As such, it is part of our remit to help FE and HE institutions and projects who want to engage with open source development, and a key factor for that is the development of open source communities.

I'm giving The Standard FLOSSmole Talk today at 11:45GMT.

July data released

Well moles, we were hoping to move to Google Code over the summer to host our file releases, but unfortunately, they have some size (and other?) limitations which are messing us up. They have no problem storing certain files, but others produce errors when I try to upload them. They are rejecting more and more of our files. I've put in a ticket to see if they can bump up the quota over there, but in the meantime, I'm back to putting files up on Sourceforge Downloads page.

Here's the download files area over on SF (available files for July: Freshmeat, Rubyforge, and Objectweb)

(Remember, since it's an "odd" month, for Sourceforge data, select the "June" release.)

I was able to get some of the files up on Google Code, so go over there and check the files out there if you like.

June SF data posted

June Sourceforge data has been posted.

This time, I've released the files onto our Google Code project page. Let's see how we like using Google Code for this (psst, I can tell you as the person who does the file releases: it's a lot easier to use Google Code than Sourceforge for this particular part of the job!)


UPDATE: Because of file size limits on Google Code, I've had to re-release our code onto Sourceforge.

Here is the link to the Flossmole SF Downloads Page, where you can get ALL the June files, including the huge datamart files.

May 2008 data released

Moles, the May 2008 data has been released. Find it all at our SF project page. Forges included this month are: FM, RF, OW.

April 2008 data released

Hi moles! April 2008 data has been released on our SF project page. Enjoy it! (Debian data included!)

UPDATE 08-JUL-2008: new files released to get past problem with data quality on these April files.

February data released

Go to our file release page on Sourceforge and pick up all the latest files.

Included this month: SF, FM, RF, OW flat files and data marts (sql statements).

(Debian is on the way! I'll update here as soon as it's ready.)

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