New home for flat files

Many of you know that we provide flat files of our data for download by anyone at any time. Until recently we had hosted these on Google Code (before 2009 or so, we hosted them on Sourceforge). Recently, Google Code announced that projects will not be able to have file downloads as of January 2014. So we had to find a new home for our files.

The new home is a server called FLOSSdata. Hope you enjoy the flat file access. As usual, if you require direct database access, we have a procedure for giving you that as well.

On FLOSSdata, there are about 3300 files, either delimited or SQL dumps. These are divided into forge abbreviations and then stored by date. Enjoy!

A decade of forges

We here at FLOSSmole have been gathering data about how free, libre, and open source software is made for about 10 years now, actually a little more.

In that time, a lot has changed in the forge landscape, both with the players and with the tools.

Just for fun, I decided to run a few quick queries to show the ascendance of Github and the concurrent decline of some smaller forges. These two graphs show the rate of new project creation (called 'registration' on Rubyforge and 'creation' at Github - and yes, the Github numbers do include forks).

click for full size

click for full size

Data Sources:
For the Rubyforge data, I used FLOSSmole datasource_id=388 (Sept 2013), available on our public database. The query is:

SELECT year(date_registered), month(date_registered), count(*)
FROM rf_projects
WHERE datasource_id=388

Then I fed the data into Google Charts, saved as a png and annotated it in Preview to add the little circles and stuff.

For the Github data, I used the very excellent Ghtorrent tool. The query is:

SELECT year(created_at), month(created_at), count(*)
FROM projects
ORDER BY 1, 2;

Then I fed that data into a separate Google chart.


6 Things to Know about Successful Open Source Projects

FLOSSmole and SRDA data were used in Internet Success: A Study of Open Source Software Commons by Charlie Schweik and Bob English, and now ran a story summarizing key findings from the book. If you haven't read it yet, do it!

Two new data sets

Hi moles! I've got two new datasets for you to play with. These aren't perfect, but they're a start of a new type of dataset for FLOSSmole!

(1) Apache Roles: This dataset stores information about people affiliated with all the subprojects of the Apache Software Foundation, their roles, and what project they're working on with that role. Data sources include: Apache web site pages, board meeting minutes, etc. (Pre-Print on FLOSShub describing collection, curation, storage, sample queries)

Sample data:

Column Sample Row
Svn_id jsmith
Real_name John Smith
Project_name Apache Axiom
Role_on_project Committer
Organization BigCorp
Datasource_id 367
Details Appendix T

(2) Apache Twitter Screen Names: This dataset stores the verified twitter screen names of people affiliated with the Apache Software Foundation projects. Useful for matching to emails or source code commits, or to be used in tandem with the Apache roles dataset above. (Pre-print on FLOSShub describing collection, curation, storage, sample queries)

Sample data:

Column Sample Row
Svn_id jsmith
Twitter_screen_name jsmith
Real_name John Smith
Project_name Apache Cayenne

Get the MySQL dumps on our FLOSSmole downloads page on Google Code or via direct database access.

Got a cool FLOSS-oriented dataset you want to share? If you wish to donate data to FLOSSmole, we can host it.

FLOSSdata move is complete

Hello moles! I have completed the move of all our data from the Teragrid over to FLOSSdata and it is ready to go.

There are some new things to know:

1. New schemas for 'old', 'sf' and 'udd' data. You're used to seeing those in the 'ossmole_merged' schema, but they've been moved out into their own schemas.

2. Reminder that the 'sf' data is quite old and we recommend that you use SRDA instead.

3. There are some new tables coming for Apache data. More information on these will be forthcoming.

4. Github was updated with 3.5 million new repos which means a lot of possibilities for those of you mining GH! The datasource_id for those is 359.

5. If you still need a username / password on the new system, let me know (megansquire at gmail) and I will set you up.

New MySQL user accounts

Hi moles,

This message is for those of you who are actively using direct database access on the MySQL server at Teragrid/SDSC.

Our direct access database is being moved off Teragrid at SDSC and onto our own servers at

To accomplish this move, I'm going to need to re-create our active user accounts on MySQL.

(This is a good opportunity to clean house anyway since there were a number of user accounts on there for people who have moved on or are no longer active.)

Please respond to this email (send to megansquire) IF you still require direct database access, and let me know the username you were using, if possible. I will recreate your user account and let you know the connection details.

Remember the flat files are still available at: and no login is required to use these.

Google Code data released for Nov 2012

The datasource ID is 350, and we've got a fresh run of Google Code project names, thanks to Audris. Also the People collector is fixed up now, so we're getting both the userid and the user name if available. So note the new column in the people table.

Go here to get the data files

November 2012 data released

The November 2012 data has been released to Google Code. Go get it!

Note: we are in the process of copying from the Teragrid, so we will not be putting any more data up there for the time being. More details on direct database access will be forthcoming.

september Launchpad data is released

Huge thank you to our former student and flossmole alumnus Christian Funkhouser for working on re-writing the Launchpad collector to use the API.

Get the code!

The datasource_id for Launchpad in September is 342!

September 2012 data released

Data files have been released for September 2012. Go check it out on our Google Code downloads page or sign up for direct database access.

Special release notes:
--The Google Code, Github, and Launchpad collections are not included this month.
--Alioth is back, and Tigris is back, including emails.

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