October SF, FM, OW, RF data released

It's my Fall Break, so you know that means the October releases are finally here! (This includes Sourceforge releases, yay.)

Get the text files here.

1- FRESHMEAT fmProjectInfo (fmProjectInfo2006-Oct)
2- RUBYFORGE rfRawData (rfRawData2006-Oct)
3- SOURCEFORGE sfProjectInfo (sfProjectInfo01-oct-2006); sfRawData (sfRawData01-Oct-2006); sfRawDeveloperData (sfRawDeveloperData01-Oct-2006)
4- OBJECTWEB owRawData (osRawData2006-Oct)

Check the release notes for more guidance on what is inside each file. Also the "how to use this data" posting might be helpful. (Even though the original date on this posting is "April 2005", I continue to update it, almost like a mini-FAQ.)