What developers are working together in Rubyforge projects? (07-2011)


This graph shows a network diagram of the developers who worked together in Rubyforge projects. The purpose of this visualization was to identify developers who have a role in the most projects and interact with the most developers. The twenty developers with the most connections are represented.


RF Network

For an interactive visual, click the image below and then click the "Recompute layout" button (connected dots).

SQL Script

Use the results from the following query to create a temp table. This query finds all projects with more than one developer and lists the developer pairings.

SELECT DISTINCT a.proj_unixname, a.dev_loginname, b.dev_loginname
FROM rf_developer_projects a
INNER JOIN rf_developer_projects b
ON a.proj_unixname = b.proj_unixname
WHERE a.datasource_id = <current>
AND a.proj_unixname = b.proj_unixname
AND a.dev_loginname b.dev_loginname

Use the temp table for the following query that finds out which developers are on the most multi-developer projects.

SELECT sender_count AS Sender Count, COUNT(mailing_list) AS Frequency
FROM al_temp_table
GROUP BY Sender Count
ORDER BY Frequency DESC;

Using the results from the previous query, you can find the connections for any developer to create the network diagram.

SELECT developer1, developer2
FROM al_temp_table
WHERE developer1 = 'developer_name'

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