Freecode New Project Registrations by month, 1998-2012

Freecode (formerly known as Freshmeat) is a directory of free and open source software. FLOSSmole has been collecting Freecode/Freshmeat data since 2004. Periodically we provide snapshots as to the growth of the various forges and directories we collect data from. Here is a chart showing the rate of new project additions to Freecode/Freshmeat from January 1998 - June 2012. This data is based on the registration date recorded for each project and collected by FLOSSmole in mid-July 2012 (datasource_id 316).

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May 2012 data releases

Data files have been released for May 2012. Go check it out on our Google Code downloads page.

--Free Software Foundation has been re-written from scratch to match their new layout.
--Google Code collector has been re-written to fix a few bugs (still running)
--Launchpad has been finished and will be re-written for June to fix bugs
--Alioth is being re-written to fix bugs

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Student work using FLOSSmole data

I often have my students tackle FLOSSmole data as a way of learning more about FLOSS, databases, data visualization, etc.

Here is an example of one of the graphs my students worked on last week, using Freecode data in FLOSSmole, R, and Illustrator.

January 2012 Freecode data set is available here.

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January 2012 releases

We're cruising ahead with January 2012 releases. Grab the data from Google Code site or from the teragrid.

Freecode - done (formerly known as Freshmeat)
Savannah - done
Tigris - done
Rubyforge - done
Objectweb - done
Launchpad - done

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Freshmeat becomes Freecode, and how our data is affected

Three things happened recently to affect our Freshmeat collection

1. Freshmeat announced a name change to Freecode.
2. We have an issue (issue #43) that talks about how the trove definitions for Freshmeat are out of date.
3. Freshmeat replaced trove with tagging and we missed the memo

What I've done is as follows:

For issue #1 - decided not to rename our abbreviation for Freshmeat. It will remain "FM".

Freecode (Freshmeat) Collections

Freecode (formerly Freshmeat) is a directory of open source projects.

Every month we download Freecode's own RDF file of information about projects listed on that directory, parse the information, and load it into our database. We then provide that data freely back to you to do with as you wish.

Project Metadata:

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