Django IRC Contributions Graph


This graph represents The number of posts in the Django IRC logs. The lighter green squares represent days with less posts than the darker green squares. Months go from left to right and are separated by the darker lines. Days go by columns from left to right.

SQL Code

SELECT YEAR( date_of_entry ) , MONTH( date_of_entry ) , DAY( date_of_entry ) , COUNT( `type` )
FROM `django_irc`
WHERE TYPE = 'message'
GROUP BY 1 , 2, 3
ORDER BY YEAR( date_of_entry ) ASC, MONTH( date_of_entry ) ASC,DAY( date_of_entry ) ASC

Source code

This visualization was created using D3 and JavaScript. To view similar source code on GitHub head over to the FLOSSmole Github repositories

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