added "home pages"

There are 2 types of "home pages" for projects on Sourceforge:

1. A project's summary page. This is not a real home page, but sometimes people call it one. It lives on the SF servers and it has the URL format, where "projectname" is replaced by the actual name of the project. In our system, we call this address "url", and it's located in the projects table.

2. A request came in this week for us to parse out the "real" home pages of a project. There are 2 types of home pages:
a. Homepages that live on the servers and give a project a URL like this:
b. Homepages that live on some other server and are not hosted by SF in any way.

I wrote a parser for these "real urls" today and created a new column in the projects table called "real_url" to hold this data. I then released files in the sfRawData package for August 2006 and October 2006 showing these "real urls". Remember that real urls are reported by the project administrators. For the vast majority of projects, the URL is of type "a" above. But for some projects who have as their type "b" this may be of assistance in tracking down additional info about these projects.

Interesting note: A few days ago, Sourceforge redesigned the navigation area of the site, and as a result, I can no longer find the project homepages in the code. Let's hope they put that back ASAP so we will be able to continue parsing this data. (If anyone can find this, please leave comments telling where it is located because I must be having some browser or, more likely, "user" issues!)


Seems that they stuck it in the Project drop down list. In the source it is an li with the class of "website" --James

I swear on a stack of Camel books that this link was not there yesterday. A few of us were on IRC trying to find it! Cool, I'm glad it's back.