Announcement: data marts now available

By popular demand of our user base (and some hard work by our developers, especially ruphus_13), we now provide data marts for Sourceforge data.

The new package, called DataMarts contains all the SQL create and insert statements for creating your own version of the FLOSSmole database - for multiple data sources (Sourceforge, Freshmeat, Rubyforge, ObjectWeb, FSF)

The marts are created following each of our data collections; we collect and parse the data as usual. We then load it into our database as usual, and create the raw flat-file data dumps as we have been doing since 2004. The new feature we are announcing today is that we also now provide the SQL data dumps so you can auto-load our data into your own local database for easier processing and more complex mining tasks.

So, there are now numerous ways to get our data:

--install the data marts into your own mysql database
--download and analyze the flat, delimited data files
--play around with the query tool

Good work, moles!! Another milestone in our open source data collection and dissemination effort.