August data released

Hello moles!

Lots of exciting news this month:

1. All releases are up on Google Code instead of SF this month. Go to the FLOSSmole downloads page on Google Code to pick up this month's files.

2. Sourceforge stats server is down, so no stats this month.

3. Debian is back! The data is minimal, but check out what we do have and enjoy that.

4. I've updated the Google Code FLOSSMole wiki also, so if you're looking for basic how-to or documentation, check there first.

5. coming soon: Free Software Foundation (re-released!), Eclipse (ask and ye shall receive)


Update: the SF file was corrupted, so anyone who downloaded this file only got 90k projects. Please download the new file here. It is called "Datamarts: SF Other, Aug 2008, New, v.1"


What kind of Debian data do you have ? are these the Alioth GForge data ?