August data released (mostly)

Greetings moles! We have the August data release mostly done.

Get the data marts (sql) or the flat files over on our Sourceforge file release page, or use the query tool to explore.

I say the August is "mostly" done because we had some technical difficulties with the Sourceforge and Debian releases, but these should be cleared up around mid-month.

So if you're looking for Sourceforge data and you just can't wait, why not give the Freshmeat or Rubyforge or Objectweb or Free Software Foundation a try? You might find some interesting things in there.

We have some new trove definitions that have been added to Freshmeat, in order to help better explain the trove categories of each project. In the flat files, the new files are: fmProjectTrove and fmTroveDefs. In the data marts, the new file is datamart_fm_trove_defs. A big thanks to user Bob Daly for this trove information and the idea to include it!