Code backed up to Teragrid

Hello moles,

We have new data backed up to Teragrid. Here is what is included:

Google Code - metadata on projects, developers, issues, etc. Plus HTML.
Github - metadata. Plus XML.
Launchpad - metadata on projects, groups, developers, wiki. Plus HTML.
Tigris - discussions! messages! project metadata. Plus HTML.

Plus all the other forges you've known and loved for so many years: fm, ow, rf, fsf, sv, etc etc.

Remember to check the datasources table first to get the appropriate run number, as each table contains multiple "collections" from that forge.

If you need a username follow the procedures here.

New collection starts today (September) and once that's finished (give it a few weeks) that data will be up in TG also.

Enjoy, and happy digging!