CVSAnalY_SF update - project unixname

Today we got notice from the CVSAnalY folks that their data now maps to ours via unix projectname. (CVSAnalY_SF is a project that mines data from CVS repositories, such as those for projects hosted on Sourceforge.)

He writes:
You can find data, schema, explanation and known bugs at:

this data set may be more interesting to you as it includes now the
project table which allows to know the unix_name of the project (so that
you can link data from here with FLOSSMole, among others).

So, if you've been using our FLOSSmole data, you know that each Sourceforge project has a unique project "unixname". Well, you can now grab our data, and grab the CVSAnalY_SF data, and use them together to create even more interesting data sets.