data donations

Thanks to all who have donated and used FLOSSmole data. Here is a short explanation of who has collected data from us so far:

  • Partially supported by NSF Grants 03-41475 and 04–14468. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

  • Partial data donated by Dawid Weiss, Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology from a research funded by the European Commission via FP6 Co-ordinated Action Project 004337 in priority IST-2002- (CALIBRE),

  • Partial data donated by Megan Conklin, Elon University, Department of Computing Sciences.

  • Partial data donated by Kevin Crowston and James Howison, Syracuse University.

  • Partial data donated by Mark Kofman and Anton Litvinenko of

  • [Your name here!]

Datasource_IDDonation Notes
1Sourceforge full project data collected October 2004 by Megan Conklin.
2Sourceforge full project data collected December 2004 by Dawid Weiss, donated and imported March 2005.
3Sourceforge full project data collected January 2005 by Megan Conklin.
4Sourceforge full project data collected April 2005 by Megan Conklin.
5Sourceforge full project data collected July 2005 by Megan Conklin.
6Sourceforge project data collected 2001-02-03 by Kevin Crowston, parsed and loaded by James Howison July 2005.
7Sourceforge project data collected 2002-05-02 by Kevin Crowston, parsed and loaded by James Howison July 2005.
8October 2005 SF run
9Freshmeat, June 2005
10Freshmeat, June 2005
11Freshmeat, October 2005
12 Freshmeat, November 2005
13Sourceforge, December 2005
14Freshmeat, December 2005
15Freshmeat, January 2006
16 Sourceforge, February 2006
17Freshmeat, February 2006
18Freshmeat, March 2006
19Sourceforge, April 2006
20 test Rubyforge run
21Freshmeat, May 2006
22Sourceforge, June 2006
23 Freshmeat, June 2006
24Rubyforge, July 2006
25Freshmeat, April 2006
26 Freshmeat, July 2006
27ObjectWeb, August 2006
28Sourceforge, August 2006
29Freshmeat, August 2006
30Rubyforge, August 2006
31Rubyforge, September 2006
32Objectweb, September 2006
33Freshmeat, September 2006
34Sourceforge, October 2006
35Rubyforge, October 2006
36Objectweb, October 2006
37Freshmeat, October 2006
38Sourceforge, December 2006
39Rubyforge, December 2006
40Objectweb, December 2006
41Freshmeat, December 2006
42Freshmeat, January 2007
43Rubyforge, January 2007
44Objectweb, January 2007
45Free Software Foundation, January 2007
46Sourceforge, February 2007
47Freshmeat, February 2007
48Rubyforge, February 2007
49Objectweb, February 2007
50Free Software Foundation, February 2007
51SourceKibitzer, February 2007
52Freshmeat, March 2007
53Rubyforge, March 2007
54ObjectWeb, March 2007
55Free Software Foundation, March 2007
56SourceKibitzer, March 2007
57SourceForge, April 2007
58Freshmeat, April 2007
59Rubyforge, April 2007
60ObjectWeb, April 2007
61Free Software Foundation, April 2007
62SourceKibitzer, April 2007