February 2010 Data Released

Lots of new data for you to peruse out on our FLOSSmole Data Downloads Page.

Here's what's out there, recently added:

Google Code, March 2010 (GC) - list of all GC projects donated by Audris Mockus (HUGE THANK YOU TO AUDRIS FOR THIS!!)
Freshmeat, February 2010 (FM)
Objectweb, February 2010 (OW)
Rubyforge, February 2010 (RF)
Github, February 2010 (GH)
Free Software Foundation, February 2010 (FSF)
Savannah, February 2010 (SV)
and Sourceforge from December 2009 (SF)

We have another set of bugs to fix with Sourceforge collection this year, 2010, but those are forthcoming. I'm running a collection now. Hopefully the data will be good. We may even have stats this time. Hallelujah.

Also, thanks to my phenomenal undergraduate superstar Steven Norris, Tigris is coming soon!! and Debian after that. We are rocking the repository collection...

Data Resources: