FLOSSdata move is complete

Hello moles! I have completed the move of all our data from the Teragrid over to FLOSSdata and it is ready to go.

There are some new things to know:

1. New schemas for 'old', 'sf' and 'udd' data. You're used to seeing those in the 'ossmole_merged' schema, but they've been moved out into their own schemas.

2. Reminder that the 'sf' data is quite old and we recommend that you use SRDA instead.

3. There are some new tables coming for Apache data. More information on these will be forthcoming.

4. Github was updated with 3.5 million new repos which means a lot of possibilities for those of you mining GH! The datasource_id for those is 359.

5. If you still need a username / password on the new system, let me know (megansquire at gmail) and I will set you up.

Data Resources: