FLOSSmole mentioned in Information Week

FLOSSmole gets mentioned in a nice little article in a US trade magazine called Information Week. The article is about how to differentiate open source "winners and losers". With a proper shout out to Open BRR and the Business Readiness Rating, which is more like what the article is really about, here is the excerpt:

How To Tell The Open Source Winners From The Losers
By Charles Babcock
Feb 3, 2007

(this excerpt is from page 2):

The Business Readiness Rating service is collecting public feedback on its proposal for evaluating open source code. Eventually, says [Tony] Wasserman [of Carnegie Mellon West], it will host automated software tools that harvest statistics from open source project sites that help predict their likelihood of success: the number of developers and core developers, frequency of releases, support queries and unanswered queries, and the number of bugs tracked versus fixed. Those metrics will then be used in a decision-making framework to sort through open source projects. Some automated evaluation tools already exist. They include FLOSSmole (the Free/Libre Open Source Software Mole), which automatically burrows into data on an open source project site such as page views, downloads, bandwidth consumed by downloading, and number of comments posted.