Freecode New Project Registrations by Month, 1998-2014

Freecode (formerly known as Freshmeat) is a directory of free and open source software. FLOSSmole has been collecting Freecode/Freshmeat data since 2004. Periodically we provide snapshots as to the growth of the various forges and directories we collect data from. Here is a chart showing the rate of new project additions to Freecode/Freshmeat from January 1998 - March 2014. This data is based on the registration date recorded for each project and collected by FLOSSmole in June 2014(datasource_id 8079).

The SQL code to gather this data from our FLOSSmole database is as follows:

SELECT CONCAT(MONTH( date_added ) , '-', YEAR( date_added )) , COUNT( DISTINCT project_id )
FROM fm_projects
WHERE datasource_id = [current datasource_id]
GROUP BY YEAR( date_added ) , MONTH( date_added )
ORDER BY YEAR( date_added ) , MONTH( date_added );

Data Resources: