Freecode/Freshmeat Project Counts, 2005-2012

We have collected Freecode (formerly Freshmeat) data since 2005. This chart shows the number of projects listed in the Freecode directory between 2005 and 2012. Each line represents one collection. (Collections are referred to in our database by the term "datasource_id".)

Obviously in looking at this chart, we are curious what happened between datasource_id's 160 and 173 (between March and June 2009) when the number of projects listed appears to have been pruned by about 6,000 projects. We recall that on March 14, 2009 the Freshmeat site underwent a redesign (named Freshmeat 3.0), so this might have been related.

Here is the code used in the FLOSSmole database to generate the data list to create this graph:

SELECT f.datasource_id, year(d.date_donated), count( f.project_id )
FROM fm_projects f
INNER JOIN datasources d
ON f.datasource_id=d.datasource_id

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