Graphs of developer counts over time

As an example of the data and analysis in the system here is a graphic of developer counts over time, taken from the Project Summaries pages, developed by James Howison and Kevin Crowston using the OSSmole data. The time series are sorted, programatically, into 6 categories, from constantly rising, mostly rising, not trending, mostly falling, consistently falling and dead projects.

This picture only shows curves and categories for a sample of 120 projects. This can be compared against the categorizations of the total population of Sourceforge projects as is shown in the histogram.

The sample of 120 projects has substantially more consistently rising projects, so it seems clear that that sample is generally more successful. The large unchanging (or not trending) category in the total population reflects the fact that the mode is NA,NA,1,1,1 and our finding that 65,561 of the total 98,568 projects (ie 67%) seen over 5 years have never had more than 1 developer.