July Raw Project Data

Good news, moles! Some of the July project files (SF only) have been posted to the SF project page

(1) July Raw Project Info here: SourceForge.net: Project Info Filelist.

There are 2 files in here:

--ProjectList gives the project names only
--ProjectInfo gives the project unixnames, dates registered, number of developers, and the date the information was collected by FLOSSmole.

(2) July Raw Project Data here: SourceForge.net: Project Data Filelist

There are 8 files in here:
--Database Environments
--Intended Audience
--License Types
--Operating Systems
--Programming Languages
--Project Status
--Project Topic
--User Interface

Coming up soon will be Summary Project Data with beautiful charts (hopefully!), Raw Developer Data, and Summary Developer Data.


From SourceForge, I downloaded sfRawDeveloperProjectData04-Jul-2005.txt.gz and had trouble unzipping it.I opened the file in my web browser. The end of the file is below, which might be what is causing the unzipping problem."nanolucifer";"testx";"1";"No specific role";"2005-07-12 03:14:17""viDo you have an uncorrupted version of the file?