As of June 2009, how many projects at each repository share identical short project names?


This chart shows the number of projects at each repository that share project names.


Number of Projects at each Repository that Share an Identical Short Project Name

Shared Short Names Table

Shared Short Names Chart

This graph shows the number of short project names shared in common between each pair of projects. For instance, starfish is a project listed on both Sourceforge and Rubyforge. On Rubyforge, it is described as a "tool to make programming ridiculously easy", but on Sourceforge the starfish project is described as a password management application. There are 1367 projects with shared names on Rubyforge and Sourceforge.

For more information on matching project names and URLs, see:

Squire, M. (2009). Integrating projects from multiple open source code forges. International Journal of Open Source Software & Processes, 1(1). January-March 2009. pp. 46-57.

SQL Script


SELECT count(p.proj_unixname) FROM projects p, rf_projects r
WHERE p.proj_unixname = r.proj_unixname
AND p.datasource_id= <current>
AND r.datasource_id= <current>;


SELECT count(f.projectname_short_fixed) FROM fm_projects f, rf_projects r
WHERE f.projectname_short_fixed = r.proj_unixname
AND f.datasource_id = <current> 
AND r.datasource_id = <current>;


SELECT count(f.projectname_short_fixed) FROM fm_projects f, projects p
WHERE f.projectname_short_fixed = p.proj_unixname
AND f.datasource_id = <current> 
AND p.datasource_id = <current>;


SELECT count(p.proj_unixname) FROM projects p, ow_projects o
WHERE p.proj_unixname = o.proj_unixname
AND p.datasource_id= <current> 
AND o.datasource_id= <current>;


SELECT count(r.proj_unixname) FROM rf_projects r, ow_projects o
WHERE r.proj_unixname = o.proj_unixname
AND r.datasource_id= <current> 
AND o.datasource_id= <current>;


SELECT count(f.projectname_short_fixed) FROM fm_projects f, ow_projects o
WHERE f.projectname_short_fixed = o.proj_unixname
AND f.datasource_id = <current>
AND o.datasource_id = <current>;

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