new donations from SourceKibitzer

Great news moles, we have a new donation partner: Source Kibitzer.

The facts:
--In our system, SourceKibitzer is forge #6, and has the abbreviation "SK".
--SK will be part of the monthly data cycle, so expect new SK files once per month (just like Freshmeat, Rubyforge, Objectweb, and Free Software Fndn.)
--SK files are available on our file releases page on Sourceforge.

The first file we released from SourceKibitzer is for February, 2007. For each of some 500-odd projects, it includes:

project name
density of comments
todo count
commented lines of code
total lines of code
non-comment lines of code
non-commenting source statements
number of methods
sum of data abstraction coupling
boolean expression complexity
npath complexity
weighted method count

Some very interesting stuff! Get the SourceKibitzer February data.