ObjectWeb Collections

OW2 Forge (formerly ObjectWeb forge) is used as a repository for projects created by developers of open source middleware in the OW2 community.

Every month we download data from their web site - we grab metadata about the projects hosted on OW2. First we construct a list of all projects, then we grab the html page for EACH project and we then save this to our database. From these pages, we parse out the relevant information about a project and save it in our database also. After the interesting variables are parsed out of the pages and stored in the database, we release the data in several different formats for you to download and use as you please.

Project Metadata:

  • Developers (name, username, etc)
  • Developers on each project (username, role on project, whether they are an admin or not
  • Project description (textual)
  • Project environment(s)
  • Project names (long name and short 'unixname')
  • Project activity percentile
  • Total number of developers displayed on page
  • Project registration date
  • Project URL
  • Project intended audience(s)
  • Project license(s)
  • Project natural language(s)
  • Project operating system(s)
  • Project programming language(s)
  • Project status (alpha, beta, etc)
  • Project topic(s)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How come you don't have statistics for this forge like you do for Sourceforge?
    As of this writing, Objectweb does not publish per-project statistics like Sourceforge does.
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