October Data, updated

The SF and Freshmeat (surprise!) data collections for October are DONE. We had a 10-machine grid working to collect this time. Very speedy! We plan to move to collections on a 60-day rotation, rather than 90-days from here on out. This will match up nicely with the 60-day sourceforge stats interval also.

Also, we have a working prototype of our live query tool -thanks Dawid!- we're just waiting for the production environment to be set up and that will be available for you all to use.

Here is the master file list on our SF project page: Master List of FLOSSmole Files, but we also have quicker links to:

Here are the summary reports (xls format) with data from October 2004 through October 2005 (5 data sets - Oct 2004, Jan 2005, April 2005, July 2005, October 2005).