October developers

Better late than never on the October Developers and Project Developers for SourceForge:

Download these developer files here

Sorry about the .gz format instead of the .bz - for some reason I have problems using the Google Code auto-uploader with .bz files. It's a very strange problem, random and intermittent, hard to pin down why some .bz files will go and some will not. Anyway, I gzipped them and we are good to go.

In case you never downloaded our developer files before, here's what is included there:

-- this shows the list of all developers
SELECT dev_loginname, realname, date_collected, datasource_id
FROM developers
WHERE datasource_id=143
ORDER BY dev_loginname

-- this links the list of developers to what project they work on, and also tells what role they have on that project
SELECT dev_loginname, proj_unixname, is_admin, position, date_collected
FROM developer_projects
WHERE datasource_id=143
ORDER BY dev_loginname