Rubyforge Collections

Rubyforge is a repository designed to support the open source development community working in the Ruby programming language.

Every month (or so) we collect the Rubyforge list of projects and some basic developer information. We insert this data into our database, then parse out various interesting data elements and store those in the database also. We then provide this data back to you in several formats for you to do with as you please.

Project Items:

  • Developer names, emails, and whether they are an admin or not.
  • Developers on this project
  • Project descriptions
  • Project environments
  • Project names (long and short 'unixnames')
  • Total number of developers for the project
  • Project registration date
  • Project URL
  • Project intended audience(s)
  • Project license(s)
  • Project natural language(s)
  • Project operating system(s)
  • Project programming language(s)
  • Project status (alpha, beta, etc)
  • Project topic(s)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why do you not have the per-project statistics for Rubyforge that you have for Sourceforge?
    Sourceforge runs its statistics on separate server and on a per-project basis, but Rubyforge only runs some aggregate stats (which you can check out on their stats page), and some very basic chart-based stats for each project. Short answer is that the Rubyforge stats are just not as robust as the Sourceforge stats. On the other hand, the Sourceforge stats server is pretty flaky. So, there are good and bad to both systems.
Data Resources: