rubyforge data released

Hello moles, and happy summer! I've just released Rubyforge data from July, 2006.

Now granted, Rubyforge is not as large as Sourceforge. But it has considerable "buzz" for what that's worth. And as a relatively new language and new forge, I figure it's worth watching, especially considering how easy it is to collect their data! (They put out an XML file with a bit of the data in it, and with only 1700 or so projects, it's much easier to scrape the rest than on CERTAIN OTHER FORGES. Thank you for that, Rubyforge!)

Rubyforge files available here:

Unfortunately, even though RF is using the same software as SF, they don't have donation system (so no donor files), and they don't have a statistics engine like SF. So the statistics are a little weak.

One other note, along with Freshmeat, Rubyforge will be scraped MONTHLY. Sourceforge will continue to be scraped BI-MONTHLY (every other month). This is due to the size and complexity of the SF scrape.

ObjectWeb coming next.