Social Network analysis over time using FLOSSmole data

Just sent off the camera ready version of a paper built using data available in the tracker tables of the FLOSSmole database.

Howison, J., Inoue, K., and Crowston, K. (2006). Social dynamics of free and open source team communications. In Proceedings of the IFIP 2nd International Conference on Open Source Software, Lake Como, Italy. Available from:

This paper furthers inquiry into the social structure of free and open source software (FLOSS) teams by undertaking social network analysis across time. Contrary to expectations, we confirmed earlier findings of a wide distribution of centralizations even when examining the networks over time. The paper also provides empirical evidence that while change at the center of FLOSS projects is relatively uncommon, participation across the project communities is highly skewed, with many participants appearing for only one period. Surprisingly, large project teams are not more likely to undergo change at their centers.

In the spirit of FLOSSmole, the scripts used to get this data, the intermediate data tables, the R scripts to build the figures and the latex source for the paper are also available.


Hi, interesting study. If you find this interesting you might also be interested in my study using SNA methods, examining the collaboration of developers. The link to the study is: