tips for using the query tool

NOTE: This message describes an old query tool. The old query tool has been replaced with the new query tool. The new tool is located here: New Query Tool

Original message:
If you use the query tool, be aware that the amount of data in some of our tables is truly immense.


1. do a "describe" on each table to see what's in there first:

"describe fm_projects"

This will tell you the structure of the table.

2. If you want to see a few sample rows, and you feel as though you simply MUST do a "select *", at least do your select with a mysql-style "limit" phrase like this:

"select * from fm_projects limit 25"

3. If you get an error describing something like a "timeout", this means your query was probably just too large. Email or chat with us on IRC or AIM to figure out what is wrong or a way to optimize the query.

4. Use the text files - many of the queries you want are the same queries that everyone wants! So we've taken the liberty of making text files of these items for your convenience.

5. The list of datasources (releases) is available here. This message is updated periodically. You can also do a "select * from datasources" to see what's available.