(1) You might notice we changed the name of OSSmole to FLOSSmole. This name change is to reflect the presence of free and libre projects as well. Plus, it will alleviate confusion about how to pronounce the name of the project... now it's just two normal english words: "floss" and "mole". No more spelling or guessing!

(2) This July run is taking forever! I've got all the index.html's and all the developer data, but the scrapes are taking a really long time to UPDATE and INSERT into mysql. Not sure what's going on there but I thank you for your patience. Some of them have been running for a week and I'm still only on 'y'.

(3) Finally, is anyone going to be at OSCON next week? I made a t-shirt with the mole logo on it so if you see me, you'll know :)