using 'free' and 'open' to name Sourceforge projects

The following graph shows the relative popularity of the words 'free' and 'open' in naming new Sourceforge projects 11-1999 through 12-2004. Note that 1999 only includes 2 months worth of new project registration data (November and December), which is why the 1999 totals are much lower than the other years represented on the chart. However, 10 new projects in 1999 had 'free' in their names, while 'open' had only 9. In looking at the chart, we might surmise that during the years 2000-2001, 'open' became more the preferred term over 'free'.

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Limitations: Note that the words 'free' and 'open' are found at the beginning, middle and end of Sourceforge project names - so, for example, 'canopen' and 'bugfree' are both projects that are included in this count.