December 2013 data released

December data has been released. We have a few old standbys (fc, rf, ow, sv, al) and some hot fresh data as well.

What is new, you ask? Well, we have some IRC chat log data for the Apache project Camel [1]. A nice new social data set, all parsed and organized into relational database format for you to query.

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Rubyforge goes into the sunset

We've been collecting Rubyforge data almost since the beginning. Last month we reported on the decline of Rubyforge in light of newer forges, like Github. Here's the chart we drew:

Now we've got this lovely pair of images to contend with:


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A decade of forges

We here at FLOSSmole have been gathering data about how free, libre, and open source software is made for about 10 years now, actually a little more.

In that time, a lot has changed in the forge landscape, both with the players and with the tools.

Just for fun, I decided to run a few quick queries to show the ascendance of Github and the concurrent decline of some smaller forges. These two graphs show the rate of new project creation (called 'registration' on Rubyforge and 'creation' at Github - and yes, the Github numbers do include forks).

Rubyforge License Counts, July 2012

Each project on Rubyforge can list what license it uses. The following chart was generated in July 2012 (datasource_id=317) to show the most common licenses (all those with more than 10 projects using it) and how many projects.

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Rubyforge New Project Registrations, 2003-2012

Rubyforge is a software development "code forge" associated with projects written in the Ruby programming language. This chart shows the growth of new projects registered on this forge from July 2003 - July 2012. We used datasource_id=317 in this example.

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May 2012 data releases

Data files have been released for May 2012. Go check it out on our Google Code downloads page.

--Free Software Foundation has been re-written from scratch to match their new layout.
--Google Code collector has been re-written to fix a few bugs (still running)
--Launchpad has been finished and will be re-written for June to fix bugs
--Alioth is being re-written to fix bugs

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January 2012 releases

We're cruising ahead with January 2012 releases. Grab the data from Google Code site or from the teragrid.

Freecode - done (formerly known as Freshmeat)
Savannah - done
Tigris - done
Rubyforge - done
Objectweb - done
Launchpad - done

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November 2011 data entered

Here is the status of the November 2011 collection:

done & ready to download on Google Code or query in Teragrid...

still collecting...

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What developers are working together in Rubyforge projects? (07-2011)


This graph shows a network diagram of the developers who worked together in Rubyforge projects. The purpose of this visualization was to identify developers who have a role in the most projects and interact with the most developers. The twenty developers with the most connections are represented.


RF Network

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What are the most common programming languages used by projects listed in Rubyforge? (05-2011)


This chart shows the top programming languages used by projects in Rubyforge.


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