Database Schema June 2015

The PNG(graphic) files below display to current database schema for FLOSSmole. You can also find all PNG files and the MWB(MySQL Workbench) file in the zipped file below.

Each of the files below displays a different section in the database. Since there is a large amount of information in the database, this will allow users to be able to look at one of these files and quickly determine if that section in the database interests the user.

Alioth.png221.14 KB
Apache.png240 KB
apache_irc.png33.7 KB
Debian Metrics.png50.92 KB
FLOSSmole.png31.85 KB
Free_Software_Foundation.png205.15 KB
freecode.png193.94 KB
github.png20.35 KB
GNUe.png153.03 KB
GoogleCode.png226.46 KB
IRC.png29.04 KB
launchpad.png215.65 KB
Objectweb.png193.81 KB
Openstack.png187.63 KB
Rubyforge.png261.88 KB
savannah.png162.58 KB
sourceforge.png217.94 KB
SourceKibitzer.png18.88 KB
Tigris.png221.75 KB
Wordpress.png207.29 KB
databaseSchema2015.mwb.zip254.02 KB