database schema

Database Schema June 2015

The PNG(graphic) files below display to current database schema for FLOSSmole. You can also find all PNG files and the MWB(MySQL Workbench) file in the zipped file below.

Each of the files below displays a different section in the database. Since there is a large amount of information in the database, this will allow users to be able to look at one of these files and quickly determine if that section in the database interests the user.

2011 database schema update

I've updated the database schema to show some of the newer forges and their tables. To open the .mwb file, use MySQL Workbench. The other file is just a PNG of the same information.

Database Schema updated

The database schema page here on has been updated. I've got a single-page PNG of the schema, and an MWB file for those of you who like MySQL Workbench.

Database schema

The PNG (graphical) files or MWB (MySQL Workbench, zipped) files attached to this page show the database schema for FLOSSmole.

To make it easier to read the database schema on the screen, we've divided the large schema into one separate colored box for each "section" of the database. These colored boxes roughly correspond to the forges/collections we store (for example, there is a separate "Freshmeat section" and "Sourceforge section" of tables in the database, and we've shown these in separate colored boxes).