FSF release dates, by month and year (as of July 2012)

The Free Software Foundation directory lists free software projects and pertinent information about those projects.

One of the items we collect is "released on" date. This information refers to the last release date for the software, as reported in the FSF Directory.

This graph shows the aggregated release dates for the 6855 software packages listed in the FSF directory during the month of July 2012 (datasource_id=319).

Code to collect the number of projects:
SELECT count( * )
FROM `fsf_projects`
WHERE datasource_id = [current datasource];

Code to collect data to fill the chart:
SELECT MONTH( released_on ) , YEAR( released_on ) , COUNT( DISTINCT proj_num )
FROM fsf_projects
WHERE datasource_id =[current datasource_id]
GROUP BY 2 , 1
ORDER BY 2 , 1;

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