FSF Network of Required Projects, July 2012

FSF allows each project to state what other packages are required by this project.

Here is the SQL code to generate the data showing which software packages are most commonly required by other projects.

Notes: (1)We also have data on the TYPE of requirement (use requirement, build requirement, etc), but this column is not used in this query. (2) The required project does not have to be listed on the FSF directory to be included in the list. (For example, Perl is the most commonly required package, but this is not a FSF-directory listed project.)

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FSF Network of Related Projects, July 2012

The Free Software Foundation directory (FSF) allows each project to list other FSF projects that are related to it.

We could construct a social network showing what projects are related. Here is the SQL code needed to make the list of what projects are related to what other projects:

SELECT pr.proj_num, p.proj_unixname, pr.related_project_name
FROM fsf_project_related pr
INNER JOIN fsf_projects p ON p.proj_num = pr.proj_num
WHERE p.datasource_id=[current datasource_id]
AND pr.datasource_id=[current datasource_id];

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FSF Count of Projects by License, July 2012

FSF requires projects to list a license under which the project is released. This chart shows the top 25 licenses. Note that there is an "Other" category (211 projects) that includes ALL other licenses AND projects that chose "Other" as their actual license choice. This chart was generated using the licenses listed for projects in July 2012 (datasource_id=319).

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FSF release dates, by month and year (as of July 2012)

The Free Software Foundation directory lists free software projects and pertinent information about those projects.

One of the items we collect is "released on" date. This information refers to the last release date for the software, as reported in the FSF Directory.

This graph shows the aggregated release dates for the 6855 software packages listed in the FSF directory during the month of July 2012 (datasource_id=319).

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September 2009 data released

Data has been released for FSF, FM, RF, OW. Go get it!! Have fun.

Google Code Downloads Page

That Freshmeat data looks fairly popular. Anyone want to tell us how you use this data?

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Free Software Foundation Collections

The Free Software Foundation Directory of open source projects lists those that run under "free" systems, particularly GNU and GNU/Linux variants.

Every month we collect the available project-level metadata from the Free Software Foundation's directory, and load that into our database. We then parse through those html pages and extract interesting data elements. After parsing, we save each piece of data in our database also. We then provide this data back to researchers to do with as you wish.

Project Items:

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