May 2011 Data Released

May 2011 data has been released to Google Code and uploaded into Data Central at Teragrid.

263 2011-Mar UDD bugfix replaces 262
264 2011-Mar UDD bugfix replaces 263
265 2011-May UDD May 2011 UDD donation
266 Rubyforge 2011-May Rubyforge 2011-May
267 Objectweb 2011-May Objectweb 2011-May
268 FSF 2011-May Free Software Foundation 2011-May
269 Savannah 2011-May Savannah 2011-May
270 2011-May FM May 2011 Freshmeat

Status of other collectors:
Launchpad - parsing problem
Tigris - mailing list collector problem
Github - collection problem
Google Code - still running (it will be about a month until these are out)

Link to FLOSSmole files on Google Code
Link to instructions for how to access FLOSSmole db at Teragrid