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Happy Birthday, FLOSSmole

Happy Birthday, FLOSSmole (nee OSSmole). It was 1 year ago today that we started FLOSSmole project on Sourceforge. What a joyous occasion.

July Raw Developer Data

The July raw developer data has finally been released. I had actually forgotten about it (oops). We had a problem in the way our spider collected the datasource_id=5 developers, so I had put off the release until I fixed that problem, and then I promptly forgot about the whole thing.

In any event, the files are posted, so enjoy!

some changes in the works

Coming up:

1. we'll be doing our next SF "run" in October

2. we're making a web interface for "live" read-only queries - this will satisfy our occasional middle-of-the-night wild hypotheses... "gee, I wonder if developers who program in python also program in java or perl... and where are all these ruby hackers coming from anyway...?" You've got questions, we've got answers.

July Summary Project Data

Since I've been at Oscon this week, I've been delayed in posting my summary analyses. Nevertheless, for those who are waiting, I've posted some basic summaries in the directory below

Here is a directory of excel files showing October 2004, January 2005, April 2005, and July 2005 Summary Data for projects on Sourceforge.

Remember, raw data is also available!

July Raw Project Data

Good news, moles! Some of the July project files (SF only) have been posted to the SF project page

(1) July Raw Project Info here: Project Info Filelist.

There are 2 files in here:

--ProjectList gives the project names only
--ProjectInfo gives the project unixnames, dates registered, number of developers, and the date the information was collected by FLOSSmole.


(1) You might notice we changed the name of OSSmole to FLOSSmole. This name change is to reflect the presence of free and libre projects as well. Plus, it will alleviate confusion about how to pronounce the name of the project... now it's just two normal english words: "floss" and "mole". No more spelling or guessing!

almost there...

I'm leaving for the beach, but as soon as we get Internet set up over there (this afternoon?), I'll pick back up. Finished 'm', 'n', and 'o' last night, so we're on "p".


OSSmole gives a huge shout-out to swik, an open wiki-like database about open source projects.

Here's the OSSmole page on swik, and hopefully it'll reflect my comments here about the July run happening at this very moment... JULY DATA should be done before I leave for the beach next week, yay. I'm on 'g' right now.

july data - stay tuned

July data coming soon... I'm running the scrape of SF e'en as we speak... Then to add freshmeat!

java spider code released

We've released our spider code (java) and a nice library (with documentation!) so you can do spiders of sourceforge yourself. Here is java library file (api) and you can go to CVS (project=OSSmoleJava) to see the source. Enjoy! Special thanks to gconklin for this code.