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May 2010 Data released

May 2010 data is released for some forges.

-Freshmeat (datasource 218)
-Rubyforge (datasource 219)
-ObjectWeb (datasource 220)
-Free Software Fntn (datasource 221)
-Google Code (datasource 222) - list of projects only

Our collectors for Savannah, Sourceforge, Github, Tigris, Launchpad are all undergoing maintenance at the moment.

UPDATE May 28, 2010
-Savannah data has been released (datasource 224)

Link to download the FLOSSmole data on Google Code.

February 2010 Data Released

Lots of new data for you to peruse out on our FLOSSmole Data Downloads Page.

Here's what's out there, recently added:

Google Code, March 2010 (GC) - list of all GC projects donated by Audris Mockus (HUGE THANK YOU TO AUDRIS FOR THIS!!)
Freshmeat, February 2010 (FM)
Objectweb, February 2010 (OW)
Rubyforge, February 2010 (RF)
Github, February 2010 (GH)
Free Software Foundation, February 2010 (FSF)
Savannah, February 2010 (SV)
and Sourceforge from December 2009 (SF)

We have another set of bugs to fix with Sourceforge collection this year, 2010, but those are forthcoming. I'm running a collection now. Hopefully the data will be good. We may even have stats this time. Hallelujah.

Also, thanks to my phenomenal undergraduate superstar Steven Norris, Tigris is coming soon!! and Debian after that. We are rocking the repository collection...

December 2009 data released

December data has been released for the following forges:

(datasource-abbreviation-full name)
203-fsf-free software foundation

Sourceforge is in progress... it will be datasource_id=206.

Get the data here:

Remember that the files marked "DM" are SQL files (mysql) but the files marked .txt are flat text files (delimited)

November 2009 data released

This month we have data from Freshmeat, Rubyforge, Objectweb, Savannah, Github, Free Software Foundation.

Downloads available at Google Code

Remember, the SQL is available in the datamart*.sql.bz files, the flat (delimited) data is available in the other files.

We're still working on getting our Sourceforge scraper back up and running, and we thank you for your patience.

October 2009 data released

October 2009 data has been released. Here are the forges we have this month:
Free Software Foundation directory
Savannah (new)
GitHub (new)

FLOSSmole Downloads

Sourceforge is undergoing a re-write, still, but we will be collecting again from there soon. In the meantime, don't forget that the June 2009 data is available, and also there is the Notre Dame data if you find that helps at all.


September 2009 data released

Data has been released for FSF, FM, RF, OW. Go get it!! Have fun.

Google Code Downloads Page

That Freshmeat data looks fairly popular. Anyone want to tell us how you use this data?

July 2009 data

Hello moles, our July 2009 data has been released: this month we have Objectweb, Freshmeat, Rubyforge, Free Software Foundation directory.

Go to our Google Code pages to download the data.

The most recent datasource_ids are:

As of June 2009, what are the top programming languages used by projects listed in Objectweb?


This chart shows the top programming languages used by projects in Objectweb.


Objectweb Programming Language Chart

SQL Script

SELECT owpl.description, count(DISTINCT owpl.proj_unixname) AS lang
FROM ow_project_programming_language owpl
WHERE owpl.datasource_id = <current>
GROUP BY owpl.description

As of June 2009, what are the top operating systems used by projects listed in Objectweb?


This chart shows the top operating systems used by projects in Objectweb.


Objectweb Operating System Chart

SQL Script

SELECT owop.description, count(DISTINCT owop.proj_unixname) AS system
FROM ow_project_operating_system owop
WHERE owop.datasource_id = <current>
GROUP BY owop.description

As of June 2009, how many projects of each team size are listed in Objectweb?


This chart shows the number of projects of each team size listed in Objectweb.


Objectweb Developer Count Chart

SQL Script

SELECT DISTINCT dev_count, count(DISTINCT proj_unixname) AS count
FROM ow_projects
WHERE datasource_id = <current>
GROUP BY dev_count
ORDER BY count DESC , dev_count;

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