Google Code Sept 2010 data out

Whew! Google Code is collected, parsed, and released. Backup to Teragrid is happening now (just as soon as I solve this little issue of"disk quota exceeded" - fun!). In the meantime, go to the FLOSSmole Google Code Downloads Page and get your hot fresh data.

Remember, the files marked "datamarts" are SQL code you can use to make your own version of the database. The raw delimited files are marked .txt.bz2. The datasource_id for Google Code this release is 235.

September 2010 data trickle

Just released Github data for September today. This took about 10 days to collect, parse and release. You can download the files here (along with Freshmeat, Rubyforge, Objectweb, Free Software Foundation, Savannah, Tigris, etc), or wait for the next Teragrid backup if you want direct database access. (Google Code is collecting now, and upon completion of that, I'll do a final September Teragrid backup.)

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Code backed up to Teragrid

Hello moles,

We have new data backed up to Teragrid. Here is what is included:

Google Code - metadata on projects, developers, issues, etc. Plus HTML.
Github - metadata. Plus XML.
Launchpad - metadata on projects, groups, developers, wiki. Plus HTML.
Tigris - discussions! messages! project metadata. Plus HTML.

Plus all the other forges you've known and loved for so many years: fm, ow, rf, fsf, sv, etc etc.


New Google Code Data Released

Hello moles! I've released a new set of Google Code project data to our own downloads page (on Google Code, no less!) - the datasource_id is 226.

This data took over a month to collect. Included are the following:

Crawlers vs API

Interesting article by some folks at 80Legs about crawling the web versus using API to gather data. On several occasions we've chosen to use an API rather than crawling. This pretty much summarizes the limitations around that choice.

Launchpad data released for June 2010

Introducing a new data source: Launchpad data. In this collection, Launchpad has about 19k projects in it and about 34k developers.

mysql> select count(*) from lp_projects where datasource_id=227;

mysql> select count(distinct dev_loginname) from lp_developer_indexes where datasource_id=227;

Available on our Google Code downloads page: Launchpad data

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Github data released for May 2010

Data has been released for Github for May 2010. It is on our FLOSSmole Google Code downloads page.

Data Resources: 

Database Schema updated

The database schema page here on has been updated. I've got a single-page PNG of the schema, and an MWB file for those of you who like MySQL Workbench.

New changelog of activities

I've decided to start using the wiki on our Google Code site to mark changes as they are made to the project. You can see what we're working on and where we left off on a particular project. This is as much for me as it is for you! Sometimes I forget where I was in a particular project and this will help me.

Here is a link to the wiki of the May 2010 Changelog on Google Code.


May 2010 - all data backed up to Teragrid

It's been a long time since we shipped new data to Teragrid. I apologize for that oversight.

The new connection info is and then the mysql port and your username/password.

Differences/shortcomings/things to know:
1) We are still collecting data all the time so the Teragrid is always a bit behind the master collection at Elon and the project file downloads at Google Code

2) This includes datasources up to 222, although 223 is listed in the datasources table.